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With safety and technology paving the way of the future in other sports, the need to improve and lift the safety standards in the equestrian sport has become more essential than ever before. 

The Patented helmet includes a detachable chin bar/guard and visor making this most advanced and safest equestrian helmet in the world. 

There are four main safety standards with equestrian and we have been able to combine the highest (Snell) with MIPS.


Since we are riders and this a private company without shareholders, safety and looks have been the main focus in the design and development instead of just focusing on company profits.

While no helmet or impact protection system can protect a user from all injuries, ARRO Helmets gives you the confidence to follow your passion with horses in the best possible helmet available.

Unique and protected by 6 different patents in over 150 countries, includes but not limited to.

Patent Application No. PCT/IB2022/059150

Patent Designs

EU Design No. 008918742-0001
EU Design No. 008918742-0002
EU Design No. 008918742-0003
UK Design No. 6198725
UK Design No. 6198726

UK Design No. 6198727
China Pending Design No. 202230165382.9
New Zealand Pending Design No. 429493
New Zealand Pending Design No. 430799
US Pending Design No. 29/832173