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Smaller helmet - 54-57cm

Sept 2023

We are busy completing our testing for our 54-57cm helmet, it's taking longer than expected as we want to get the safety right, if it was just to pass the standard then we would have these helmets out by now.  

Passing the standards is easy (except for Snell which is very hard), creating something that nobody has done with an equestrian before is difficult and unfortunately can take a bit longer, we hopefully should have this helmet to try and on order next month at Equifest in NZ. 

Fabric/inner liners

Sept 2023

New adjustable liners are now available with adjustable pads/shims, we have designed something special that nobody has done with equestrian helmet previously.  The liners can be easily adjusted and now available. We found we didn't like the old/traditional liners.

ASTM 1163-23 (Safety Standard)

June 2023

We are pleased to advise we have passed the new ASTM safety standard, the new standard introduced a lateral crush test into the standard, otherwise the same.

Eventing Nation - News Article

May 2023

Smaller sizes (54 & 55cm)

March 2023

We're excited to share that we're currently working on something truly special for these sizes.  The project is groundbreaking and has never been attempted before by any other equestrian helmet company, which is why it's taking longer than usual. At this stage around Sept 2023.

Project update 

March 2023

We are happy to inform you that mass production of our helmets has been completed, and we're now in the process of shipping them out. We'll be sending out some of the helmets this month via airfreight for early delivery, while the rest will be shipped via sea. The majority of the helmets will be available later next month.

We'd like to thank you for your patience throughout the production process.

We've worked hard to ensure that our helmets passed 4 out of 4 of the main safety standards, and we're proud to say that we hold numerous patents for our innovative designs and systems, which are unlike anything seen in the equestrian industry before.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your support, and we look forward to hearing your feedback on our helmets.

Stock update

May 2023

We now have stock in NZ.  Contact us directly while we finalise our retailers.

Australian stock will send over later this month.

Project update 

 Jan 2023

We expect our main supply of ARRO helmets to be ready around the end of March/April 2023.

​This is later than we had planned and we believe in sharing the reasons for the delay in our production in an open and transparent way. 

​More than anything else, we genuinely want to have the safest helmets on the market, not just give you a marketing spin.  We have now passed all four of the international safety standards. This is incredibly hard, and we estimate over 95% of the current equestrian helmets cannot pass all four.  It is important to note that the four safety standards all have different tests and scenarios carried out and are definitely not the same.  When we were going for one of the remaining standards of the big four, we failed a different helmet retention (harness) test, so we had to increase the strength in this area even further.

We already had two of the four standards at that stage so we could have legally sold the helmets. However, that did not fit with our ethos. We ended up remaking the helmets again, improving the retention/harness system even further ensuring they pass all four standards - not just one or two.  

Over the past 12 months, we know of at least two fatalities where other (non-ARRO) helmets’ retention systems broke and the helmet came off the rider’s head.  Through our research and with this knowledge we simply had to make the improvements, so we increased our efforts to go beyond industry standards in this area as well.

​We now firmly believe all equestrian helmets should have at least three standards as they test different areas and scenarios, with the "Snell" standard always being required.  Snell is considered the “Grand Prix” standard of helmet standards.

For any rider to easily identify a helmet with a higher standard you just need to look at the buckle, if it is plastic instead of metal then it’s normally a lower standard helmet and will most likely fail at least the higher Snell standard. 

We will provide further updates closer to the release date.

ARRO C3 passes the top four international safety standards!

This is incredibly difficult to achieve and demonstrates the level of safety in this helmet.

It is so difficult, there are only three models of helmets in the world that currently hold the top four standards with ours being one of them and the only combination with Snell & MIPS.

We estimate that 95% of helmets cannot pass all four.

Dec 2022

Winner - Innovation Award - Equitana!

Nov 2022

Winner of the Equitana Innovation Award - rider.

Over 50 worldwide entries over the past 3 years.

The ARRO C3 wins with its very innovate patented design and features.

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